Sunday, August 8, 2010

Uni College Basketball League (UCBL) 2010

Since the beginning of this semester, I have been very busy for the basketball matches and training sessions weekly for the UCBL competition. But, why my weight still the same? Finally, it's come to an end now. It's very tiring as its continuous for such a long period. However, funny jokes and teasing each others definitely bring a happy moments for all of us.

FYI, UCBL is a basketball competition which participated by ten Uni/College which are UPM, UM, Inti, Help, Taylor, KLIUC, UIAM, MMU, Lim Kok Wing and UTAR. It's a league-style games. After against each others and the top four in the standing proceed to Semifinal and lastly Final after a match of 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd in the standing.

In this 2010 UCBL the semifinalist are Help Vs UTAR and Inti Vs UPM. And of course the two big team manage to land a place in Final are Help and Inti with both team have their very strong foreigner player Mike( Help) and Kuete ( Inti ). While fighting for 3rd and 4th place are UTAR and UPM. I would say Final between Help and Inti is international players match and 3rd and 4th is local players match. Both UTAR's team and UPM's team are fully local players. The Champion of the 2010 UCBL goes to Inti and follow by 2nd-Help , 3rd-UTAR and 4th-UPM.

(Missing: Coach & Gem)
Spot any handsome guy?
Tell ME! Provide you their Facebook.

After a long period of training sessions and matches, our efforts are worth for it!!Yes, we manage to get 3rd place for the very first time we team up as a team representing UTAR. Okay... Maybe that the reason we're more excited than the Champion Inti. Looking forward to have more public competitions representing UTAR and of course with a better budget. hahaha...

2nd Runner Up
A photo with the Coach and Team Manager.
(Missing : Yen Jee & Gem)

The Skinny yet Strong Centers Of UTAR

Again. Syiok sendiri with the trophy!

Eagerness of the players for the Prize being the 2nd Runner Up

A WIN is not by any single individual but it's a WIN of the TEAM. Representing the whole team, I would like to Thank you very much to our Team Manager Mr Alvin to propose to UTAR for taking part in this league and comforting us after a lost match, coaches Mr Lim Chee Kian and Mr Ah Lai to train and teach us the effective strategy and those who went to support us. Again, Thanks for Mr Alvin and Mr Lim for spending your time for us and of course endure the nags from your wife instead of accompanying your wife and family every weekend. Appreciated by the players.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Chin Thye's 21st Birthday

First of all, I'm going to wish Chin Thye....
Happy Birthday future engineer!
All the best in all the undertakings in your life.
Stay SMART, Stay COOL, and Stay forever with Lishi...Hahaha...

Well, this is the very 1st gathering with my fellow classmates after studying in the same class for about 3 years. Anyway,It's a full attendance for all the CI group 01/2008 batch. I doubt whether our group have a full attendance during the lecture times before?hahaha... Bet everyone enjoy the BBQ party that night.. Looking forward to have more gathering in our group...

FYI, Chin Thye is twins! So, written on the cake is CT & CG.

I believe CT have an unforgettable birthday celebration. Because he actually drunk for the very 1st time after 20 years. Lying on the sofa and telling me "lei hou yeh" (in cantonese) for 7 times. Forgive me CT. Everyone think that you look better when your face look redish.Either smack ed with redish creamie on your face or by liquor. hahaha...

CT drunk after half cup of chivas on the rock.
(forget abt my double chin)

Da birthday boy smacked by redish creamie
(No idea why CT posing like that using his hand)

No choice. The guys prepared with creamie mix with redish syrup and smacked on him after the birthday song. So kesian. I'm the videoman.CT, remember I'm not involved. hahaha...

A group photo with CT and his mum...
Notice that no girl in the photo?
YA, this is the fate if you study Civil Engineering!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Oopss... Insomnia at this hour! Long times dint suffered already. Suddenly have a strong feel to write in the blog... Abandoned for some times.. Hope I can spare more times to write in my blog
instead of stalking around fb and drama.
Has been very down mood for two weeks... Going to end all this feeling by now.. Start with my life and stop living in the past! Move forward..Success and achievement is waiting! Go Go Go!!! and thanks for a several friends for "lecture" me... Bleuk... :P...
Okay.. goin to jump on bed and try to sleep now! tml have early class and lab at late noon! yeah...tml going to CT's birthday party! chicken wings and sausage I'm coming!! Long time never eat alr...
Good Night!!
Tomorrow will be a better day!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hassle Of Life

Harlow guys!!! I'm back to the blogging world!!! Well, It's quite some times I didn't updates due to the hectic life at my hometown, Muar. I had spent the last 3 month holidays in Muar. During these 3 month, I learned a lot of things. In fact, I'm so much pressured by every aspect of my life compare to the moment I'm studying in KL. I hardly have enough sleep in Muar while I got too much of sleeping time in KL. I had to work everyday and facing different challenges during the working time in Muar.

However, the pressure is still with me now even though I'm in Kl now. I hopes all these pressure can get over soon and of course with the problems being solved but not because I'm used to it.

Every times when the problems crossed to my mind, I'll hardly sleep on that night. Likes today,I'm still awake at 600 in the morning.I had asked a question to my dad "What will happen if human being is free from pressure? "
My dad answered me "without pressure, there is no improvement, without pressure there is no motivation". I'm agreed with my dad thought but at the same time I'm thinking in my mind, Is the pressure that facing now is too high? In alert level? At the border line? Or it's just moderate only? It's remain unknown to me. Sometimes I felt is at the alert line yet sometimes not.

During the holidays, I found out that I'm not the type which can stand on pressure. I felt lost when I'm pressured. I'm afraid to face it. I tried to avoid from taking any responsible on the work. But, it is a very selfish action. At last,I took up the responsibility and I got the pressure on me. Even though now I'm not the one who is facing it, but I still very care on it. Because I'm the one who passed the unsolved problem to the another person although I'm not the one who start it. I'm involved somehow.

With these, how am I going to take up the challenges when I step into the reality world?
How am I going to success in the future? It's remained unknown to me again. I'm just delaying the time to face all these because I'm not ready for it. And the fact is I remained as a failure until today.

I hope with the efforts had poured on it will get a good result. With this, the presence of GOD is important. May the GOD stand by my side to fulfill my wishes which I prayed tonnes of times. I'm deeply hopes the GOD will reply me one day.